Once a Nadador, Always a Nadador.

Vision: Developing champions in the water and leaders in life.

Mission: Providing an inclusive, diverse, and safe environment for athletes to develop to their highest competitive success while learning life skills through professionally organized programming and events, and providing opportunities to become active community leaders.

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving Program is committed to providing a place for everyone who has a passion to pursue the beautiful sport of diving. The Marguerite Aquatics Complex is equipped with a full complement of springboards, platforms, and skill progression apparatus, to teach all levels of abilities, from the very beginner to the Olympic-bound athlete. 

The coaching staff is dedicated to providing a positive, respectful and disciplined learning environment. It is the coaches’ expectations that each individual participating has a rich and rewarding experience through personal success and team/coach camaraderie. It is our hope that all MVND members (divers and parents) make lifelong friends in the diving community.

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National Champions
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The Mission Viejo Nadadores are committed to keeping our athletes safe. All coaches are up to date on current SafeSport training, and the Nadador Diving Program adheres to the principles and protocols as established by the US Center for SafeSport. Please see the attached documents for our policies regarding these SafeSport topics. Please feel free to use USA Diving’s SafeSport Website as an additional reference.

Why our Nadadores Love Diving

Haley Hess Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving
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Haley Hess- Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving

Diver Haley Hess tells us why she loves being a Mission Viejo Nadador diver!

Alex Cochran
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Alex Cochran- Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving

Diver Alex Cochran tells us why she loves being a Mission Viejo Nadador diver!

Caroline Roelen
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Caroline Roelen- Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving

Caroline Roelen tells us why she loves being a Mission Viejo Nadador diver!

Callie Fox
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Callie Fox- Mission Veijo Nadadores Diving

Callie Fox tells us why she loves being a Mission Viejo Nadador diver!

Noaln Rooker
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Nolan Rooker- Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving

Nolan Rooker tells us why he loves Mission Viejo Nadadores diving!

Our Approach

The Long Term Athlete Development Model is the cornerstone of the Nadadores Diving program. Developed by Istvan Balyi, it is a multi faceted approach on which to build an entire diving program. It is rooted on scientific principles of development based on adolescent physiology and child psychology. While the rest of the world has immersed their programming in this development model for over a decade, the United States remains stuck in the past. Though the U.S. has more wealth, numbers of divers, and incredible facilities spread across the country we often fall short of our rich history of success in international competition. Our shortfalls can be traced to lack of proper development of young divers. Our international deficiencies are due to a system and competitive structure that relies heavily on the difficulty of a skill for short term gains and results, as opposed to slow and sustained development over time. Development that yields long term success well into the future.

There is no one party responsible for this. Parents, athletes, and coaches in the United States have all wanted the same thing; divers progressing quickly to win now, at a young age. What we fail to realize is that there is no accurate correlation between short term results and long term success at a high level. There is no quick pathway to long term success at the senior level. The progress in a pipeline of ultimate success is slow and incremental, and it is achieved over many years of focused and specific training efforts. Through the education of stakeholders (coaches, athletes, and parents), our mindset can be rooted in a patient and process oriented approach throughout the years to reap benefits in the long term. The primary goal of the Nadadores Diving program is to instill a lifelong love for sport and activity in our athletes. The secondary mission is to progress our athletes in a manner that allows them to reach all goals they have in the sport.