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Becoming a team member

Team Registration is handled via Docusign. To support a paperless registration process, all the policies, agreements (liability, code of conduct, anti-bullying, team service hours, etc.), rules & regulations, releases, medical and emergency contact info will be viewed and accepted electronically. Acceptance electronically with the click of a mouse is treated the same as if each diver or parent signed their acceptance of all those documents previously mentioned.

Joining the team and completing the online registration process signifies a complete acceptance to all the agreements and policies presented and are required as a condition for acceptance into the MVND membership.


Getting Started

Check out this document first to learn about the registration process, what to bring with you to the pool, and other important information like weather and entry protocols.


Team Waiver Form

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation offers some classes and programs on a limited basis. There are certain risks inherent in the use of equipment and/or participation in certain programs that you should consider before you begin such activities


Register for USA Diving

Each season, each athlete must register with USA Diving and some years with the AAU. Each MVND members must maintain a current registration with USA Diving ( to participate in a training activity or events in or around the pool or designated off site facility. 

 The cost for USA Diving registration may be as low as $40 per year and varies depending on the type of membership. Re-registration occurs every year prior to December 31 or by the first day of your first diving lesson. USA Diving registration is not pro-rated. Questions about the USA Diving process should be directed to the dive office.


Auto Pay Form

Mission Viejo Nadadore Dive Team – Automatic Payments Application


New Member Information Packet

Great information for new parents about the program. Please review here!


Anti Bullying Policy

The following is a model procedure to implement the MVN Dive Team rule prohibiting bullying. This plan must be reviewed and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches and other adults at the club. Any time reports of bullying are made, the club is expected to implement these procedures.


Acknowledge the Team Handbook

The handbook is designed to inform you of all pertinent information regarding membership in MVND.


Upload completed documents

Upload the PDFs and contact the MVN office to confirm.

What to Expect Next

We will reach out to you about availability in our groups. Read the common questions from Parents