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History of the Nadadores

In 1968 when the Nadadores team was formed, it was comprised of 25 swimmers who competed in local events. In 1974, the Nadadores women won their first National Championship title. Since that time, the Nadadores have won 48 National Team Championships, 12 Olympic Gold Medals, 7 Olympic Silver Medals, 1 Olympic Bronze Medal, 5 Individual World Championship titles and 148 individual National Championships. The Nadadores have broken 91 American Records, 22 World Records and have produced more than 135 All-Americans.
In 1992 ownership of the Nadadores passed from the Mission Viejo Company to the Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation which oversees both the team’s swim and dive programs. The foundation is run by volunteer parents who dedicate hundreds of hours monthly to the sports of swimming and diving.

National Champions
World Champions
Olympic Medals
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Dear Mission Viejo Alumni,

Welcome to the Mission Viejo Nadadores Alumni Association where we are developing a full and fun alumni association for all athletes, parents and supporters who ever wore the blue and gold. The Nadador family is a large and unique community of over 100,000 globally. That’s 50 years of excellence! Expanding the friendships made and our value and rich history is why we have formalized the Mission Viejo Nadadores Alumni Association.

As the Executive Director one of my goals is to bring us together, communicate the exciting things happening in Mission Viejo, and create alumni socials – local and annual gatherings tied to home competitions. It will take time to grow the organization, but it’s a worthy endeavor as so many of us have fond memories associated with our time as a Nadador! And, with the 2018 rebuild of the beautiful new facility, we are once again a “bucket list” destination in aquatics.

Quarterly newsletters will be sent right to your personal email. The newsletter will contain all kinds of information about current activities and programming as well as an introduction to the plans and goals for the future of the association. The newsletter will alert you to community outreach events, fundraising opportunities, and programming successes. 

As we continue to grow and expand the scope and reach of MVNAA, we will maintain our policy of communication, transparency, and grow the value of membership. If you have contact with fellow alumni, please alert them to our web site and activities. If they would like to officially join, have them send us contact information to alumni@mvnadadores.org

In the meantime, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello! We’d love to welcome you back to Mission Viejo.  Once a Nadador, always a Nadador!

Warm Regards,

Michele Mitchell, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Mission Viejo Nadadores
1984 & 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist, platform