The 5 Rings Fund

5 Rings Fund Flyer Header

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving program has established The 5-Rings Fund to support professional athletes in their pursuit of accomplishing their Olympic Dreams. This fund will go to support their training needs and living expenses so they can devote their attention to bringing home medals from the Olympic Games.

Nate's Bell

Nate Lipscomb was a passionate man who fiercely loved his family, career, adventures, and his son Jackson’s diving.

Jackson Lipscomb (17) is a promising diver with the Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving team in Orange County. Jackson is a straight-A student, he trains 20+ hours per week and is on the national diving scene. Recently, Jackson verbally committed to Yale for 2024. Nate could not have been prouder of him, or more helpful to the team.

Nate was a quiet but ever-present and positive force, for both Jackson and the program. In his honor, the team will erect “Nate’s Bell” at the facility with an accompanying plaque. When a diver learns a new dive (a big deal) he/she will ring “Nate’s Bell” to let Nate and the world know of the diving success.

The team is also raising funds for two special projects:

  • Video replay system for the dryland area – This will allow the team to purchase additional cameras and televisions for use in the dryland area so divers can immediately analyze their skills with video feedback. The approximate cost is $15,000.

  • The “Nate Lipscomb Scholarship Fund” – This will be an endowed fund to help diving families in times of need. The fund would allow a 6-month waiver of diving fees. Proof of need would be required and three committee members, including Rosie, would meet two times a year to review applications to determine need. The approximate cost is $20,000.

If you would like to donate to the Mission Viejo Nadadores in Nate’s memory, your contribution will be used for one of these projects. This organization is a 501 (c) (3), and your donation is tax-deductible. Our Tax ID number is 33-0099234.

Fundraising Program

MVN diving is revamping its fundraising program to introduce new opportunities and make it easier to meet individual commitments. The new Scrip (RaiseRight) program allows you to do your normal shopping and fundraise. Keep an eye out for new programs throughout the year.

Team Opportunities
Midnight madness, and dive-athon
Fall Festival 
Snack stand at meets and restaurant nights

Any funds raised with these programs will be used by the team to fund beneficial athlete-based projects, such as new dryland equipment.

Individual Opportunities
Food sales – Julian Apple Pies and See’s Candy
Business sponsorships for events

Any funds raised with these programs, will count towards divers’ individual fundraising commitment.

Volunteer Service Hour Requirements (By Group)

Volunteer shift schedules are available for signup 4-6 weeks in advance via Team Unify. On site, parents must sign in with the General Manager, usually located at the registration/check-in table. If a family works more than the minimum required hours at any given meet the hours will not be rolled over to the next meet. Hours may be gifted to another family who may be short hours at that specific meet, to assist them with meeting their requirement.

Recording of Service Hours

All families are responsible for reporting to the General Manager before each registered shift. Your signature will be required at the conclusion of your shift.

Volunteer requirements are listed below for the following groups for meets, events or activities hosted each year:

  • Chris Vonk Invitational (December)
    • Elite: 6 hours
    • Novice: 4 hours
    • Participating Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 2 hours
  • Dr. Ron O’Brien Invite (March, April or May depending on year)
    • Elite: 6 hours
    • Novice: 4 hours
    • Participating Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 2 hours
  • Any USA Diving Regional/Zone dive meet (month varies)
    • Elite: 8 hours
    • Novice: 6 hours
    • Participating Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 2 hours
  • Any USA Diving National Competition or FINA International Competition
    • Elite: 12 hours
    • Novice: 8 hours
    • Participating Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 4 hours
  • Any Intrasquad meet (For participating athletes)
    • Elite: 1 hour
    • Novice: 1 hour
    • Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 1 hour

Participation/Setup/Serving for Parties, Events or Committees throughout the year

    • Elite: 1 hour
    • Novice: 1 hour
    • Participating Lessons, High School, Gym2Dive: 1 hour

Midnight Madness Dive-athon

The Mission Viejo Nadadores are excited to announce the 2023 Midnight Madness, our only ALL-TEAM FUNDRAISING EVENT!

What is Midnight Madness? Midnight Madness is an all-team event marking the culmination of our Swim and Divea-thons on Saturday, June 10, 2023. All of our swimmers and divers will gather to complete their laps/dives to earn their pledges for Swim/Dive-a-thon.

MVN invites you to make a family night of it! Enjoy our dinner and beer garden, play lawn games, and bid on the Coach Experiences in the Silent Auction. Let’s have a great time as only Nadadores know how to do!

Why do we need to fundraise? MVN is a world-class team with world-class coaches and facilities. Our goal is to continue to provide athlete opportunities by building the best training environment possible. This year our goal is
$150,000 (about $300 per athlete) to purchase 50-meter pool covers, upgraded audio speakers and new diving board blocks. 

Previous fundraising efforts have furnished new dryland equipment for both swim and dive, new weight room resources, video analysis equipment for divers, and soon to be installed grandstands for the diving well. All of these
resources support the continued growth and success of our teams.