Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No – we take ages 5-100 no experience needed, feel comfortable in deep water and can make it to the side of the pool.

Yes – You can try a trial class for free – Waiver form and an athlete membership is required for insurance purposes AAU or USA diving (se can provide link and club code, etc.


Elite, novice do compete – Lessons, gym2dive and HS is optional – Competition season is October – July


Link it to our program structure – They can choose the competitive path or recreational path

If so, can we link it? Price varies $155-550.

Yes, volunteer hours are required when we hosts meets – Usually 2-3 a year and hours range 6-8 per family per meet.

One piece suit for girls and brief or jammers are recommended for boys. Towel, water bottle, comfy clothes, and tennis shoes.

Yes, parents are allowed to watch, from the parent bleachers outside of the pool. No parents are allowed on deck

Yes, we have 1-hour private lessons or semi privates available – pricing starts $120.00 an hour

You will need to reach out to the administrator and give a 30 day notice is required if you plan to take a break or quit diving.

Yes, if you are taking a vacation, we don’t prorate the month. You are guaranteed the spot when you return.

If your child is sick, we do offer makeups, but need to be done within that month. It does not carry over into the next month.

Group sizes varies – Ratio 1 coach to 8 athletes – No more than 16 in a group (Novice, Lessons, HS)

Yes, Team suit & t-shirt for all groups – except High School and Intro diving

Billing goes through the front office and any other apparel you can purchase through the MVPro Shop (Link)