Program Description

Our masters diving is open to divers of over the age of 21 who would like to learn, continue, compete, and/or just enjoy some physical fitness in the pool. Our Nadadores Masters divers have opportunities to compete each year with USA Masters Diving if they wish. Divers will be able to utilize all dryland apparatus, springboards, platforms, and coaching from one of our Mission Viejo Nadadores coaches each day.

Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving offers diving lessons for recreation, exercise training, and competitive settings for adults ages 21 and older. Whether you are new to the sport or are returning, we invite you to join us for safe and healthy fun. Our program incorporates both dry-land exercise and in water training time. All levels of boards and platforms are available to use at our world class Olympic pool. Our experienced coaching staff will guide you in personalized workouts to support your diving goals. Coaches are here to encourage you to learn a proper foundation of safety and skills to advance at a pace comfortable for you. Masters Diving also offers a competitive level for all age groups 21 to 90+ years young. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Everyone has a reason for joining Masters Diving: health, fitness, balance and coordination, body awareness, physical and mental challenges, camaraderie, fun, and the thrill of competition. Enjoy this professionally managed program, with world class coaches, and a wonderful community of masters divers.

Some of our adult divers are recreational and love to splash around, but many are also competitively active! Mission Viejo Nadadores has a legacy of national titles in all age groups, including Masters Diving. We support masters competition and hold our own masters meets as well as masters dive clinic. There is absolutely no experience required to apply. Come join the fun!!



Get Started

To get started, all divers must have a current membership with USA Diving OR the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). AAU/ USA Diving membership is required for insurance purposes. In addition, you must complete an information / questionnaire sheet prior to getting into the water for the first time. Registration for AAU and USA Diving is annual and must be renewed each January for the following year.

To register for USA Diving, visit, click “ Athlete Membership” and select the ADULT category. Select the blue membership option then complete the short application and select our association “Southern Pacific” then club, Mission Viejo Nadadores and our code will be populated for you. Please e-mail a copy of your receipt to our Masters Diver Coach with the information below to the dive office.

If online registration is not possible prior to the first work out, please complete a medical waiver and information sheet by downloading from the links below. Please scan and e-mail to the dive office or bring them with you to the pool on your first day. 

Anyone over the age of 18 is required to complete Safe Sport education through USA Diving at no cost.

4 masters David Colturi

We offer group lessons during our training times as well as privates. New divers are welcome! The Masters practice times are:

Summer Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:00-7:30 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Alex Lapidus Testimonial

“I’m so grateful to the Nadadores for taking me in when my home program shut down during Covid. I feel so fortunate to be able to come visit for quality pool time, excellent coaching, fabulous teammates, and a first class facility. Thank you for offering me a warm welcome and a new home!”

Alex Lapidus

Masters Diver

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