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Mission Viejo to Host USA Diving Jr Nationals for First time in over a Decade

Courtesy: USA Diving

Mission Viejo, California – USA Diving and its committees, in conjunction with the Mission Viejo Nadadores have finalized the dates and competitive schedule for the 2023 USA Diving Junior National Championships. Competition dates are July 23 – August 1, with July 22 serving as a warmup day for all competitors.

“The Nadadores’ welcome mat is out, and we are excited to bring the country’s best divers to Southern California this summer. It’s been over a decade since the Junior Nationals have been hosted by a team in a western state. We look forward to having the country’s divers and families join us for a great event,” said Executive Director, Michele Mitchell.

Opening ceremonies will take place on Saturday, July 22 at the Marguerite Aquatic Complex (27474 Casta Del Sol, Mission Viejo, CA 92692). The event schedule is attached.

“The Mission Viejo Nadadores are thrilled to be hosting the nation’s best Junior divers from across the country. Our facilities, community and environment are rivaled by no other location in the country. Meet planning is in full swing to provide our athletes, families, and the Mission Viejo community a positive experience to remember,” said Nadadores Elite/High Performance Director, John Appleman.

Date Start Time Event
Day 0  July 22nd Training Day 8:00-9:15 AM Group 1 C/D Only
9:15-10:30 AM Group 2 C/D Only
10:30 AM-11:45 AM Group 3 C/D Only
11:45 AM – 1:00 PM A & B Only
1:00-1:30 PM Coaches Meeting
1:30-2:45 PM Group 1 C/D Only
2:45-4:00 PM Group 2 C/D Only
4:00-5:15 PM Group 3 C/D Only
5:15-6:30 PM A & B Only
Day 1  July 23rd 9:00 AM D Girls 3m Prelims / D Boys Plat Prelims / C Boys 1m Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA D Girls 3m Semi-Final / D Boys Plat Semi-Final / C Boys 1m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA D Girls 3m Final / D Boys Plat Final / C Boys 1m Final (Simultaneous)
Day 2  July 24th 9:00 AM D Boys 3m Prelims / D Girls Plat Prelims / C Girls 1M Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA D Boys 3m Semi-Final / D Girls Plat Semi-Final / C Girls 1m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA D Boys 3m Final / D Girls Plat Final / C Girls 1m Final (Simultaneous)
Day 3  July 25th 9:00 AM C Girls Plat Prelims / C Boys 3m Prelims / D Boys 1m Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA C Girls Plat Semi-Final / C Boys 3m Semi-Final / D Boys 1m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA C Girls Plat Final / C Boys 3m Final / D Boys 1m Final (Simultaneous)
Day 4  July 26th 9:00 AM C Boys Plat Prelims / C Girls 3m Prelims / D Girls 1m Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA C Boys Plat Semi-Final / C Girls 3m Semi-Final / D Girls 1m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA C Boys Plat Final / C Girls 3m Final / D Girls 1m Final (Simultaneous)
Day 5  July 27th 1:00 PM A Girls 1m Prelims / B Boys 3m Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA B Girls Plat Prelims / A Boys 1m Prelims (Simultaneous)
Day 6  July 28th 9:00 AM A Boys 3m Prelims / B Girls 1m Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA B Boys 1m Prelims / A Girls Plat Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA A/B Synchro Girls Plat / A/B Synchro Boys 3m (Combined)
Day 7  July 29th 9:00 AM B Girls 3m Prelims / B Boys Plat Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA A Girls 3m Prelims / A Boys Plat Prelims (Simultaneous)
TBA A/B Synchro Boys Plat / A/B Synchro Girls 3m (Combined)
Day 8  July 30th 9:00 AM B Boys 3m Semi-Final / A Girls 1m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA A Boys 1m Semi-Final / B Girls Plat Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA B Boys 3m Final / A Girls 1m Final (Simultaneous)
TBA A Boys 1m Final / B Girls Plat Final (Simultaneous)
Day 9  July 31st 9:00 AM B Boys 1m Semi-Final / A Boys 3m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA B Girls 1m Semi-Final / A Girls Plat Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA B Boys 1m Final / A Boys 3m Final (Simultaneous)
TBA B Girls 1m Final / A Girls Plat Final (Simultaneous)
Day 10  August 1st 9:00 AM B Boys Plat Semi-Final / B Girls 3m Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA A Girls 3m Semi-Final / A Boys Plat Semi-Final (Simultaneous)
TBA B Boys Plat Final / B Girls 3m Final (Simultaneous)
TBA A Girls 3m Final / A Boys Plat Final (Simultaneous)
All event times occur in the Pacific Time Zone. Schedule subject to change due to event entries.