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March Team Updates

DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM Evaluations were completed during regular dive practice in Novice groups and we were happy to save our members the evaluation fee. Congratulations to the 20 divers who advanced through another level of the dive progressions: Tara Afshar, Wren Bailey, Nicholas Corona, Eve Cox, Lachlyn Fletcher, Emmett Geis, Belle Kelley, Kayla Keoveunxay, Cash Kleindienst, Keira Kuderka, Lauren Kudo, Arianna Lopez, Ethan Mak, Tyler Mark, Charlotte Moorefield, Dayenu Munoz, Karah Owings, Coco Rainey and Genna Raphael.

LESSONS PROGRAM We are excited that our Lessons program is growing and we have welcomed 9 new divers. Coach Gavin has been doing an amazing job with our Lessons divers, so much so that five athletes have transitioned from the recreational program into our Competitive Novice Pathway. We are happy to welcome Nika, Will, Ruier, Connor, Ayanna, Eric, Owen, Ivy, Adrienne, Clara and Issac to our Novice and Lessons teams.

NOVICE PROGRAM 20 divers successfully evaluated out of their current dive group and into the next set of progressions this past month. Novice divers are currently working on preparations for the Ron O’Brien Invitational coming up March 24-26.

GYM 2 DIVE PROGRAM Optional gymnasts are well into their first month of competition for USA Gymnastics while training in dive on the weekends. Two of our gymnasts have retired their leotards in exchange for a MVN team suit. Eve Cox and Brianna McClaine have joined Novice 3a and we welcome our newest Gym 2 Dive athlete, Malia Brooks coming to us from Olympica Gymnastsics.

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM Congratulations to Sarah Lopez and Madeleine Raphael for representing the High School Dive program at the CDC JO Invitational. Sarah and Madeleine both competed 1m JO events finishing a respective 8th and 15th in their events. High School divers are currently spending a lot of time on 1m as the High School dive season approaches. Most of our High School divers are gaining their 11-dive competition list under the guidance of Coach Doe, Coach Gavin and Coach Lisa. High School divers are also getting ready to compete at the Ron O’Brien meet in both JO and Novice events March 24-26.

ELITE TEAM PROGRAM Since coming back from the Winter Break, the Elite Team athletes have been shifting focus from mastering the basics and fundamentals of diving, to learning more complex skills and preparing to enter the meet season. Most of our Elite Team athletes spent more time on the fundamentals of diving than they ever have. It created a bit of nerves and uncertainty. Now that we are building things back up to more complex dives, all of the work on the fundamentals is paying off! Regardless of the pathway, your child is taking, they are all working hard and doing a tremendous job. All of you as parents should be proud!