Team Handbook

The handbook is designed to inform you of all pertinent information regarding membership in MVND.

Monthly Newsletter

Read the monthly Nadadores Swim and Dive Newsletter.

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Dive Schedule

View the weekly dive schedule starting June 5th at the Pool for all teams. 

Safe Sport

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy. Any contact (including communications, interactions or activities) between an Adult
Participant and any Minor Athlete(s) related to participation in sport.

Anti Bullying Policy

The following is a model procedure to implement the MVN Dive Team rule prohibiting bullying. This plan must be reviewed and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches and other adults at the club. Any time reports of bullying are made, the club is expected to implement these procedures.

Locker Room Policy

The following guidelines are designed to maintain personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms and changing areas.

There has been much talk about whether it is safe to have images taken of children participating in sports. While the great majority of images are appropriate and are taken in good faith, it is a fact that images can be misused and children can be put at risk if common sense procedures are not observed.

Social Media Policy

The Mission Viejo Nadadores (the “Club”) recognizes the prevalence of electronic communication and social media in today’s world.

Code of Conduct

Team membership, placement and grouping are at the discretion of the coaching staff. The staff has full power to accept or reject the application of any person for membership.

Autopay for Membership Dues

Mission Viejo Nadadore Dive Team – Automatic Payments Application

MVN Foundation Presentation

View the weekly dive schedule starting June 5th at the Pool for all teams. 

MVND Waiver

The Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation offers some classes and programs on a limited basis. There are certain risks inherent in the use of equipment and/or participation in certain programs that you should consider before you begin such activities.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the publications, websites and services operated by MVNF, including Dive, Swim, Masters, Swim School and Triathlon accessible via TeamUnify.com, MVNDive.com. and any other online and/or mobile applications or websites operated by
(collectively, the “Services”).