Doe David Coturi

Staff Corner: Assistant Dive Coach Doe Krug

Doe was the program director, manager, and cohead coach of Pitt Aquatic Club Divers from 1979 to 2017. She and Julian Krug were instrumental in laying the training foundation for Olympians Karen LaFace (1992), David Pichler (1996, 2000), and Cassidy Krug (2012), plus an Olympic diving coach Nunzio Esposto (2016). They produced 48 gold medals at the PIAA State Championships earned by 25 different divers. Doe also coached diving teams at Mt. Lebanon, Montour, Chartiers Valley, Quaker Valley, and Oakland Catholic High Schools over the years. Doe’s passion and service to the sport of diving go beyond coaching. She served on the broadcast crews of 9 Olympics: Los Angeles, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio. She is an international certified FINA diving judge and enjoys officiating NCAA, USA Diving, and FINA competitions. She has served as USA Team Leader at the Pan American Games, as well as Team Chaperone to the FINA Junior World Championships and Junior Pan American Games. She has been chairman of the Pennsylvania Association of USA Diving for decades. Doe grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, earning her B.A. from Lawrence University and an M.S. from Indiana University. She is an avid hiker here in Southern California, and also enjoys yoga, pickleball, traveling, and lapidary arts.

I have been with MVN since 2018. My family is: husband Julian, children Cassidy and Kyle, son-in-law Nick and granddaughter Ocean (born 10/8/22). I love being a grandma! My favorite recent movies were Coda and King Richard and a classic fave is Wizard of Oz. The best vacation I ever took was adventuring in Costa Rica with some fellow hiking junkies. We hiked, kayaked, chased waterfalls, and marveled at the biodiversity. My first job was as a hostess/cashier and then a waitress at a Chinese restaurant. I grew up in Bloomington IN, except for a year each in Kyoto Japan, Bethesda MD and Hong Kong. Most of my adult life was spent in Pittsburgh, PA. My favorite hobby is hiking, and I have moved to hiking paradise here in Orange County. When I was little I was a dare devil. If I won the mega-jackpot lottery I would share my bounty with groups preserving open spaces and slowing climate change. The best advice I could give anyone would be “You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” – Glinda in The Wizard of Oz.