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Family, Respect, Excellence

Your Nadadores staff have been meeting regularly to define our own Vision and Mission statements to help guide us as we develop a richer experience for our membership and a closer bond across the facility.

VISION: The Mission Viejo Nadadores exemplifies excellence in our TEAM, community, and tradition.

MISSION: We foster a positive, safe, and inclusive culture empowering members to participate in a transformative experience which allows everyone to realize their potential in sport and in life.

This process has been invaluable to the group and is rooted in our mutually agreed-upon core values of Family, Respect, and Excellence. We believe in those values so much that we have painted them on our office walls as a daily reminder. So, as you encounter our coaches and staff, know that we are collaborating while building a better overall program and refining our “why”, “how”, and “what”.