Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation Elections, Your Vote Matters

October is election month for the Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation! It is also the time of year we come together at our annual meeting. The meeting will be held on October 25 at the Norman P. Murray Center (24932 Veterans Way) at 6:00 pm and the entire membership is encouraged to attend. The program (about 90 minutes) will be an informative celebration of our organization with both Board and staff speakers reviewing 2022 and foreshadowing 2023. Most of our coaching staff will be in attendance as well. I invite you to attend and learn more about our extraordinary relationship with City of Mission Viejo, what 2023 holds for the program, and all the good work our staff is doing. See you on October 25 at 6:00 pm. Warm Regards, Michele Mitchell, Ph.D. Executive Director Note. There will be an informal Zoom call with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors on Thursday, October 13 at 7:00 pm. That Zoom information will be sent out to the members from the business office. The purpose of the meeting is to ask questions about the organization and its history, operations, and future endeavors. It is open to all families – swim or dive – from any division as well as swim school families.